It is too early to compare him to Arsenal’s best player ever”.

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It is too early to compare him to Arsenal's best player ever''.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is probably in the base on Saturday when Arsenal takes up Wembley against Tottenham Hotspur. The attacker scored last Saturday at his debut album Everton last week and is already compared to Thierry Henry, not least because he plays with number fourteen.

Arsène Wenger says to the English media:”Henry is the best goal-maker in the history of Arsenal, so it is not said that Aubameyang makes the same number of goals. But why not? He resembles Henry with the quality of his sprints. But I think it’s a bit early to compare him to the best player that’s ever played here.

Aubameyang has played only one match, but Henry is of course a good example to follow. His way of finishing was brilliant. You don’t by chance make so many goals every year,”the Frenchman continues. The 28-year-old Aubameyang joined Borussia Dortmund to reach 98 goals in 144 league matches. These figures are no guarantee that the Gabonese will also be shooting the Premier League, Wenger emphasises.

We know that the number of goals in other leagues doesn’t just match the number of hits the player makes in the Premier League. When we played Swansea City, in the last 22 metres of the field we invariably played against ten men. There is no such thing anywhere else in Europe. Today it is a lot more difficult to be accurate in the Premier League today,”Wenger is quoted by Sky Sports.

Do you think Alexandre Lacazette is making at least ten in the Premier League this season?

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