Bahamas Sprinter Dives Over Finish Line To Win Gold In 400m

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Bahamas Sprinter Dives Over Finish Line To Win Gold In 400m

Every athlete goes for the yellow metal, but only one individual gets it. Top women sprinters started the journey, but Miller had something to shock everyone. Her heart was beating fast and it screamed the word “Gold”. Felix got the lead much earlier and this brought out the absolute best from Miller.  She stumbled and her knees touched the last point. Miller’s move was extremely controversial, she used a dirty trick. Miller read the rules quite a number of times, this was fully correct. Felix was marginally behind, her dreams ended in silver. The commentator guessed it and he was not astonished.

She definitely clarified everything later, remorse was strangely absent. Her mind compelled her to do that one final thing, a momentary reaction. Her coach discussed it with her and this “dive” was in her game plan. The execution was extraordinary; she will win many races in the future as well. Her legs completely gave up and that’s when the fall happened. The feeling was magical for her; the record books will not consider this. Legal moves are natural; some people just can’t accept that. Social media ridiculed her, but it doesn’t affect her anymore. This desperate attitude suits her, she is one fierce athlete. The burns and the bruises remind her of the hard work, she just dreamed about gold.

In 2008, David Neville did this thing, he won bronze though. It is not about robbing, it is about strategies. Felix was simply heartbroken; she cried and consoled her heart. The world just ended for her in a few moments, this pain should power her future performances. No one stopped Felix from diving, Miller snatched the opportunity. She visits Twitter for entertainment, it comes with the sport. She plays for herself and that’s what every athlete should do. Regret on one end and satisfaction on the other, athletics have different sides.

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