In this respect, I think AZ is an example for all clubs outside the top three’ AZ’.

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In this respect, I think AZ is an example for all clubs outside the top three' AZ'.

The contraction of the Eredivisie is not a good idea, according to Arnold Bruggink. The former footballer thinks that a smaller competition is at the expense of quality. According to Bruggink, youth education should be at the centre of the clubs, according to Bruggink in his column for football International.

According to Bruggink, more good clubs are leading to more good training courses, which ultimately leads to more good talents being trained,”and this in turn leads to a better quality and therefore more lucrative competition”, says Bruggink:”In this respect, AZ really sets an example for all clubs outside the top three. The whole world is looking for a good leftback. AZ’s training has now been developed in such a way that Ridgeciano Haps was first delivered to Feyenoord for 6.5 million euros, now that Thomas Ouwejan is an excellent leftback from AZ and if he is sold later, Owen Wine Valley is ready “.

In order to meet the needs of the smaller clubs in the Eredivisie, Nico-Jan Hoogma, technical director of the KNVB, already suggested distributing the television fees proportionately. Bruggink has his ideas about this too,”If you are going to distribute the TV pot more proportionately, you can in any case also set strict requirements. After all, it is collective money. You can, for example, oblige clubs to invest a certain proportion in training, in the construction of natural grass pitches and in the quality of the training facilities,”says Bruggink,” We now benefit from good solutions for the entire football and not from a good solution for just a few clubs.

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