If we have this confidence every year, we’ll win the CL once.

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If we have this confidence every year, we'll win the CL once.

Manchester City reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2016, but did not yet manage to make an indelible impression in his remaining participation in the billions of balls. However, this season in the Premier League, Josep Guardiola’s team is quite on the move, and Vincent Kompany thinks that this could be the year of truth for the Citizens.

In the past, we have been switched off a number of times when it shouldn’t have happened, but I think things have changed now. If there is a year, a time, a moment when the club is ready to feel at home in this tournament, it is now “, explains Manchester City’s captain, who explains that the Champions League resumes Tuesday night with the FC Basel outbound match, to the British press.

I will not say that it is only a matter of time, as some clubs never win the Champions League. But if we can enter the tournament every year with this confidence, then I am sure that if it is not this year or next year, we will eventually win him one time,”Kompany, who denies that there is already talk of winning prizes in the locker room, goes on,” No, not at all. We never talk about the quadruple. It’s always about winning the next match, the next one, the next.

Josep Guardiola may again have Leroy Sané at his disposal against the Swiss, and the German’s rapid recovery is also surprising to his coach:”I am surprised. He worked hard, but I couldn’t expect a young boy to be so professional. His condition is not perfect yet, but he is in it. He wants to help us. The physiotherapists and he did a great job.

Do you think Manchester City is going to win the Champions League this season?

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