If I were to say that I am the same player as last year, I would be lying”.

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If I were to say that I am the same player as last year, I would be lying''.

Last Saturday, Ilkay Gündogan made his comeback last Saturday with Manchester City.The midfielder, who torn off his front crotch band in December, played 24 minutes in the 0-6 won duel with Watford.Next Wednesday, the German midfielder seems to be getting his first base place when the Citizens compete in the EFL Cup against West Bromwich Albion.

I have to wait a long time, that was hard.That’s why it feels so special to return.I was sitting in the gallery or in front of the television every time, while I was used to playing every three or four days.If an injury takes that away, it feels weird and causes disappointment.If I’m honest, you don’t feel like part of the group anymore.You no longer travel with the team, but only train with the physio.That’s the worst feeling you can have as a football player “, Gündogan is quoted by the Daily Mail.

When it happened, I already knew that I would be out there for six to nine months, that’s the worst feeling,”continues the midfielder, who had already suffered serious injuries before,” there are doubts as to whether I will ever return to my old level.These things are frustrating.But I had no choice, I am a football player.This is what I do.It’s my job and I’ve never done anything else.For me, there was no other option than to revalidate again.

If I were to say that I would be the same player as a year ago, I would be lying.The injury doesn’t make you feel the same way.I have had two knee injuries and now know how to prepare myself for a match “, concludes Gündogan, who last summer took over by Manchester City for 27 million euros from Borussia Dortmund.

Do you see Ilkay Gündogan returning to his old level?

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