I would have cost EUR 200 million in this transfer market’ I’d cost EUR 200 million’.

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I would have cost EUR 200 million in this transfer market' I'd cost EUR 200 million'.

Francesco Totti remained true to AS Roma throughout his career, although in 2003 he could switch to Real Madrid. The club icon of i Giallorossi looks back in conversation with Sky Italia on his choice not to leave at the time. Even though Totti said he was not short of Roma, he regretted the fact that he was never serious in the race for the Ballon d’ Or.

“When Real Madrid knocked in, I made a well-considered decision: I missed the opportunity to win a lot of great prizes so that I could wear the same shirt all my life long. That was the most important thing for me,”says the attacker who has stopped. In Rome, Totti had’ everything’ that his heart wanted,’ The love of the Club and passion among Roma was much more important to me than the possibility of winning prizes somewhere else. I gave 101 percent for Roma, because I gave the club priority over my personal life. Roma was everything.

“The only thing I really missed is the Ballon d’ Or. I knew that I would be less likely to do this at Roma than players from Real Madrid, Juventus or AC Milan”, Totti continues,”they got more attention on the international stage. I won the Scudetto, the Supercopa and Coppa Italia over Roma, but I couldn’t compete with those other players,” Finally, I am asked what he would cost in the current transfer market if he were in the boom of his career:”I would cost EUR 200 million”, he laughs.

Did Francesco Totti not be good at staying true to AS Roma in 2003?

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