I have the feeling that Neymar can become the Messi of Real Madrid’ s”.

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I have the feeling that Neymar can become the Messi of Real Madrid' s''.

Real Madrid is said to feel very much in favour of taking over Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer, but according to Jesús Gutiérrez, the attacker would have been able to play for the Royal Netherlands much sooner. Former youth trainer Jesús Gutiérrez confirms that Neymar at his fourteenth training session at Real.

On the first day he came across as a little boy: thin, shy, quiet. But as soon as he stood on the field, it was as if he was playing with this team all his life,”Gutiérrez remembers in an interview with Goal,” he immediately showed what we could expect of him: he was both bony and could fit, dribble and shoot.

It was great. Neymar knew exactly what he had to do on the field after fourteen days of measuring training, and that is certainly not usual at that age “, says Gutiérrez, who was convinced that Real would capture the Brazilian:” He was the best player I had ever trained there and Real wanted to contract him as well. Santos, however, won him over with an offer to stay. It was not the fault of Real.

Real has always treated Neymar very well: they have offered him to watch matches from the first in Santiago Bernabéu and to visit the dressing room where many Brazilians were. Maybe Neymar remembers that time and thinks he can become one of the stars at Real. I feel like Neymar can become Real’s Lionel Messi,”Neymar plays Wednesday evening in the Champions League against Real.

In August 2016, the international had also confirmed in l’ Équipe that he was indeed on trial in the Spanish capital:”I was only thirteen years old and it was for me the first time I went to Europe. I did not feel good at that moment, I didn’t see myself becoming happy and able to stay away from Brazil for so long. I just didn’t feel it and moreover I was not in a hurry, there was no reason to make a quick choice.

Do you think Neymar will ever play for Real Madrid?

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