I didn’t stay with Ajax alone to wear the shirt.

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I didn't stay with Ajax alone to wear the shirt.

Nicolae Mitea arrived at Ajax at the age of eighteen in 2003. The Romanian was known as a great talent and was named in Amsterdam by Zlatan Ibrahimovic Diego Maradona. However, Mitea was never able to meet the high expectations and in 2014, at the age of 29, his football shoes were hung up to the will.

If Ibrahimovic said that to me, it means that I was worth it and that I proved my worth. I didn’t stay with Ajax alone to wear the shirt,”says Mitea in an interview with Pro Sport. In 2008 he left Ajax to return to Dinamo Bucharest. Through the Greek Ionikos Nikea and Petrolul Ploiesti, the eightfold Romanian international came to Concordia Chiajna, his last club.

Mitea now excludes a return to professional football:”I am 33 years old, where do I have to play? There have been years when I have not developed. So why should I have to start playing football again now? In my opinion, there is no point in starting again with this. I’m now in real estate and have completely left the world of football, I only occasionally watch matches “, continues the Romanian, who has been struggling with financial problems in recent years,” I’m accustomed to the bad world we live in: I’ve got debts and sold my house “.

I experienced the most beautiful moments in football abroad, not in Romania. There has been a lot of speculation about me, lied about me. It makes no sense to follow the doctors in Romania. I was the best doctor myself. But now I feel good, happy,”concludes Mitea, who played a total of 76 games for Ajax and came up to 14 goals 5 assists.

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