I am more often ridiculed with my length than because I am gay

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I am more often ridiculed with my length than because I am gay

Liam Davis has been playing all his career in English football at clubs such as Brigg Town, Gainsborough Trinity and FC Cleethorpes Town. Yet the midfielder is known throughout England, but that has little to do with his performance on the field. Davis is the only (semi-)professional football player who has come out openly.

He can imagine that there are no players at a higher level who openly get out of the closet,”I’m sure a lot of attention will be given when that happens. You can imagine the reaction of the media: the first homosexual professional footballer? This way you sell a lot of newspapers. It looks a bit like one lamb that is led to the slaughter. It’s better to share the burden, so to come out of the closet like a group of football players,”says Davis in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. He knows that a group of about twenty football players is currently working on this.

The problem is that it is getting so much attention. Some people do not see it at all. They just want to do their job and then go home. Many people, including my teammates, think that I know exactly which professional footballers are homosexual. That is not the case, you probably know more than I do. But if someone were to ask for my advice, I would say: just do it,”says Davis, who has had no bad experiences since he came out openly for homosexuality in 2014.

Of course, there have been a few things that happened, with opponents and strange spectators. But I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything serious before. I’m more often ridiculed with my length than because I’m gay,”continues the midfielder, who became known nationwide as a non-league in 2014,” It was really bizarre, my phone went on all day. You’re not used to that as a non-league player. I can’t imagine what madness it will be if a player from the Premier League comes out of the cupboard.

This week, Davis is involved in a UEFA campaign promoting diversity and accessibility for all,’ I do not want to emphasise my situation, but this is such a big campaign. That is why I would like to add my positive view of things. I find it rather bizarre that people are still being prevented from getting out of the closet. I’d like to tell everyone that I’ve never experienced anything negative before,”says Davis, who has nothing to do with the statements made by FA chairman Greg Clarke. He said that football players who openly claim to be homosexual take a risk,”He’s a bit stupid, don’t you think? It is a very contemptuous view of football players. I am sure it would be all right.

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