Hyballa breaks lance for’ laptop trainer’:’ Your career is not at all captivating’.

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Hyballa breaks lance for' laptop trainer':' Your career is not at all captivating'.

After Peter Bosz’s dismissal at Borussia Dortmund, no Dutch trainer is now working in a top European competition. After the Dutch football was previously in a downward spiral, the Dutch coaches are now also no longer in demand. The KNVB has already decided to re-establish the Coach Paid Football course, with the aim of seeking more diversity in the trainer’s offer. Peter Hyballa, former trainer of Alemannia Aachen and NEC, among others, believes that a change of course should have taken place much earlier.

Until recently Ronald Koeman, Frank de Boer, Albert Stuivenberg and Bosz were still working abroad. All of them have already been dismissed, while Bert van Marwijk and Louis van Gaal are no longer active. Foreign clubs are no longer waiting for Dutch trainers, as it seems,”You were so directional, so much further ahead than we were”, Hyballa goes back in time in comparison with the Algemeen Dagblad,”even in the way in which football was discussed on television alone. About positions, about tactics, about zone coverage. A world opened up for me. Whatever you did, other countries are also going to do that, but better. Germany and Spain have partly copied your game view, but much more intense, faster, with modern tactical accents. Your football has never really evolved in recent years. In Germany, the majority of soccer players now see it like that.

In Germany, young talented trainers have made a major contribution to modernising German football. They were assisted by the German Football Association. The DFB underwent a change in culture,”Partly as a result of which Thomas Tüchel got a chance at Mainz, I at Alemannia Aachen in the Second Bundesliga”, Hyballa continues,”Later you got Julian Nagelsmann at Hoffenheim and Hannes Wolf at Schalke 04. But even within the DFB, that course has changed for a long time. To be a good trainer means to invest in yourself. Working hard, wanting to learn, want to improve yourself in every imaginable area, every day. That must be the norm. Not status or standing’.

Hein Vanhaezebrouck is an example of a selfmade man in Belgium. He became champion in 2015 with AA Gent and is now trainer of Anderlecht. José Mourinho himself was never a professional footballer, but is one of the most successful trainers of all time,”Football players of today are not interested in your 1999 match against AC Milan. They want a trainer who simply makes them better. Which helps them to the top faster. They assess their trainer on exercise material, on rhetorical ability, on new tools, on specific and highly focused training. Your career of twenty years ago? It doesn’t captivate them at all.

Hyballa doesn’t have anything against former professional football players who think they’re going to make it as a trainer,”Many old professionals are also very good trainers. But I do say: stop giving old international companies their diplomas just like that. Anyone who wants to be a trainer in 2017 will have to work, work and work again,”says Hyballa,” You can say a lot about so-called laptop trainers, but they have had to fight to achieve their goals, time and again for years. Your problem can only be overcome by people with untameable energy, people who want to beat through walls. Away with that laziness, away with that self-filled.

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