Hiddink’ humiliated’:’ They have checked everything, they wanted to take me’.

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Hiddink' humiliated':' They have checked everything, they wanted to take me'.

Guus Hiddink was prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) in January 2007 for tax fraud. The former federal coach of the Dutch team says in conversation with magazine Helden that he experienced the whole thing as a humiliation,”I’ve been so angry about this,”according to the 71-year-old rehearser.

After his successful adventure with South Korea when he lived in Belgium, Hiddink was tackled,”Formally I lived in Spain and wanted to re-emigrate when I joined PSV. I was already in discussions with the Dutch tax authorities via my accountant, I didn’t want aazer. The announcement was that I once again had to pay tax, which meant that I would keep 10% of my earnings”, says Hiddink.

The experienced trainer says that his advisors told him that it was good that he was going to live in Belgium for a short while, so that they would try to find a solution in the interim,”The ridiculous remains: I wanted to re-emigrate, I took the floor myself,” Hiddink tells us that the controllers had seen that he was scarcely consuming gas, light and water in Belgium.”That was true, because I often sat on De Herdgang or in a hotel set. They looked at how often I was in Belgium and whether I had emptied my mailbox. Have they checked everything, do you see it for you?

Hiddink says that one day they came to pick him up at six o’ clock in the morning,”What a money has cost them, they wanted to take me. On the day of my meeting, the entire department had taken free time to sit in the public gallery. I played open card and yet I was punished. I thought: big, what kind of country do we live in? I have experienced the whole thing as a humiliation,”” I thought.

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