Gullit warns:’ Then the players think: we can say what we want’.

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Gullit warns:' Then the players think: we can say what we want'.

Ruud Gullit shares with Antonio Conte. Chelsea’s manager regularly complains about the lack of good purchases from his club and is also said to be sitting on the kick chair. Gullit, who won the FA Cup with the Blues in 1997, says that every manager at the top English club has to deal with a lack of support from the club.

“I hear the rumours about the resignation of Conte at Chelsea, red.) and no one from the club says:’ No, that’s not true;’ Then something has to be done’, the former assistant union coach of the Dutch team starts to look for something else in front of The Sun,’ if I was Conte, I’d already be looking around at something else. If there were an alternative, I would be interested right away.

“It is, of course, no guarantee that he will continue to support him. They can say:’ We trust him.’ This may be even worse’, says Gullit, who sees that Conte loses grip on the selection without the support of the club:’ If there is a confrontation with the coach and it has not been stifled by the board, players start to think:’ Ah, we can say what we want… certainly the players who don’t play..’.

“Suddenly, all the coach’s authority will have disappeared. If one would say:’ We love Conte and he stays’, then there is no problem. But as with the previous managers, no one at the club. All players, especially those who don’t play, think: he isn’t here next year any more, let’s wait for a new one. For a coach, this is the most terrible thing that can happen.

Do you expect that Antonio Conte will still be manager of Chelsea after this season?

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