Green Suspended For Game 5 – New Hope For The Cavaliers !!!

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Green Suspended For Game 5 – New Hope For The Cavaliers !!!

Just as we all thought that the Golden State Warriors are surely going to close the series Monday night on their home court and defend the NBA title, something unexpected happened that might boost the Cleveland Cavaliers and give them some hope going into the game 5.

Green Suspended For Game 5 – New Hope For The Cavaliers !!!The NBA has suspended Draymond Green for one game after he received a flagrant foul level One. With 2:48 left in the 4th quarter, LeBron James and Draymond Green got into it at the middle of the court. After Green ended on the floor, James tried to step over him, which Green found disrespectful and hit LeBron in the groin area. The two continued their altercation, before their teammates and the referees stepped in and pulled them aside. After a close review after the game, NBA has announced their decision to call it a level One Flagrant foul, which meant an automatic suspension for Green.

This was not the first time Green was aiming for the groin area of his opponents. During the finals of the Western conference against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Green aimed his leg „unintentionally“ towards the groin area of Steven Adams, the OKC center. Green barely missed the suspension that time, but his kick move cost him $25.000.

The suspension of Green could have not come in a better moment for the Cavaliers. With just one loss away from ending their hopes of bringing the first NBA title to Cleveland, the NBA has done a huge favor for the Cavaliers, by suspending one of the best players on the Warriors roster. Green was crucial for the Warriors throughout the series, stepping in when the “Slash brothers” Curry and Thompson were not showing up offensively, averaging 14.8 ppg and 9.3 rpg. Defensively, he has been able to control the boards and dominate the paint.

During the press conference after game 4, James was asked to comment on the altercation with Green: „As a proud father of three kids, I believe that certain things should not go too far. Green said some things that took it overboard, “ James said. „I do not know what the NBA will decide. They should look closely into it and decide. As a competitor, I like to play against Green, and I don’t mind getting physical during the game. But when you cross the line, and say some things, like he did tonight, than the situation turns into something it shouldn’t. “

Green Suspended For Game 5 – New Hope For The Cavaliers !!!There is no doubt that the game 5 on Monday night is going to be any less physical, but we all hope that at the end we see much more of basketball and much less of the negative things. Both Green and James are great players and great competitors, and it is normal that they will do whatever it takes to win.

The Warriors are up 3:1 in the series and need only one more win to defend their NBA title from last year.


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