Football Leaks reveals mega-wage Neymar and a wish of 43.65 million.

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Football Leaks reveals mega-wage Neymar and a wish of 43.65 million.

Details of the Neymar contract with Paris Saint-Germain were leaked on Saturday.According to information received by Der Spiegel from Football Leaks, the monthly salary of the most expensive football player of all time amounts to exactly 3,069,520 euros.In a year Neymar will thus arrive at almost 37 million euros.With his new contract, Neymar is one of the best paid football players in the world.

The documentation also shows that Neymar sent a letter to Barcelona on 1 August to demand a payment of 43,65 million euro.This was the second part of a sign bonus of a total of 64.40 million euros that was negotiated when Neymar was renewed in the summer of 2016.In the end, Barcelona did not meet the Brazilian wish to pay an additional EUR 43.65 million because it was already negotiating with Paris Saint-Germain.For this reason, the club also refuses to pay a’ loyalty bonus’ to his father of 26 million euros.

Football Leaks also announced that the total purchase price of PSG for added premiums and taxes amounted to 242 million euros instead of 222 million euros.An internal e-mail sent by a senior UEFA official after the transfer of Neymar is also reported.This person compared the transfer market with the’ predatory capitalism’ of the United States in the nineteenth century:”Developments show that the system is getting out of hand.It is no longer a question of balance or distribution of wealth.The official shall be quoted’ stability is not there’.

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