Feyenoord supporters of Feyenoord say:’ I can hear that on the field, yes’.

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Feyenoord supporters of Feyenoord say:' I can hear that on the field, yes'.

Steven Berghuis is not satisfied with the game of Feyenoord against Vitesse. The Rotterdammers won with 1-0, but according to the attacker the way in which this was also important. In the eyes of Berghuis, Feyenoord showed too little courage in the field, except for the first quarter of an hour.

Berghuis understands that the audience started to grumble,”If a ball is played backwards, then I hear it, yes. We got off to a very good start and you have to go through that, but we didn’t,”he explains to the NOS,”We played balls backwards and didn’t dare play men in the mating. Then you don’t get to play football either.

Berghuis does not want to speak of’ fear’ among his teammates, but finds it hard to explain the lack of courage,”You play at Feyenoord. So you just have to be able to play someone with a man in the back”, he says,”I don’t think it’s all about the results. In the first quarter of an hour we did, but after that we played below par. You have to be so honest.

Did Feyenoord deserve the victory at Vitesse?

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