FC Groningen goes on longer with Jans:’ This is a very difficult season’.

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FC Groningen goes on longer with Jans:' This is a very difficult season'.

Technical manager Ron Jans continues to work at FC Groningen next season, as he confirmed to RTV Noord. Jans and the club have reached verbal agreement on a new one-year contract. Earlier on Wednesday it was already known that Danny Buijs will be trainer of the Pride of the North from next season; Hennie Spijkerman will become his assistant.

Last summer Jans returned to Groningen, the club where he had been active as a trainer for many years. In his first season in his new role, Jans in conversation with Football International acknowledged that he is sometimes still searching,”I admit that I’m quite a bit searching in this role, but if I’m not allowed to talk to the technical staff and the players, you’ll take away too much from me.

I’m someone who looks and informs a lot, but I’m trying to give the technical staff plenty of room to work as they want to work. Everything I do goes in questioning form. Ernest Faber (trainer, ed.) himself also said that I am welcome and that everything is open:”The performance of Groningen, led by Faber, is disappointing and Jans cannot deny that the relationship with the main trainer has been better.

When announcing his upcoming departure, Faber criticised Groningen’s top sports mentality, something that surprised the club management. The last transfer period did not run smoothly either, which led to irritation at Faber’s.”This is a very difficult season”, admits Jans at RTV Noord. It is important that we play safely as soon as possible and get back into line with the subtop as soon as possible. That is where we belong and I would like to do my bit to help.

A good decision by FC Groningen?

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