Failed shopping afternoon Sánchez inspires:’ People called our newspaper on’.

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Failed shopping afternoon Sánchez inspires:' People called our newspaper on'.

Alexis Sánchez joined Manchester United last transfer window. Players of the Red Devils have already indicated to various media that they are impressed by the physical nature of the Chileans. Journalist Pietro Oleotto says on United’s club site that the attacker was not always known for his muscle bundles.

“In his first season at Udinese he was thin and stayed on the right wing,”recalls the Italian,”The physical play in the penalty area was too heavy for him. But the team wanted him to be more central and more at the goal, so that his dribbles came out best. So he started training hard.

“They built an ad hoc gym for him, where he was two hours a day after the training session. I remember seeing him in a preseason at training camp…. I was shocked by how much muscle mass he had received,”says Oleotto, who quoted an anecdote to emphasize Sánchez’s benevolence:” One day, after training, he drove to Udine to go shopping.

“But when he arrived, he accidentally locked his keys and mobile phone in his car. I don’t know what others would have done, but he just ran home. He jogged eight kilometers from the center to his home in the hills. Amused locals saw him running in the club’s tracksuit and called our newspaper. It was typical Sánchez to turn this situation into an improvised cross-country run.

Do you expect Alexis Sánchez to do well at Manchester United?

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