Everyone knows that Feyenoord is my club, I want to be clear about it quickly.

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Everyone knows that Feyenoord is my club, I want to be clear about it quickly.

Jordy Clasie said earlier that he would like to return to his old club Feyenoord and in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad, the midfielder of Club Brugge, who plays on a rental basis in Belgium, says that he still has that hope:”What will it look like after the summer? I would like to see clarity sooner rather than later.

“Everyone knows that Feyenoord is my club. We will see. And at Club Brugge I also feel comfortable, even though they have not negotiated an option to buy “, says the 26 year old Clasie, who has no regrets about his switch to Southampton, where he hardly ever got to play,” I wanted to leave the Netherlands, I wanted to play in the Premier League.

“But I am also honest, I do not seem to be very happy about a life in England. And neither do my wife. I now know that it is simply not for everyone to play abroad for years,”continues the midfielder, who said earlier that he was wringing Feyenoord for a switch last summer:”I have had contact with Feyenoord, but unfortunately it wasn’t mutual. Martin van Geel explained to me that there was no room on the midfield, that it stood.

At the time, Van Bronckhorst reacted cautiously to Clasie’s open application:”He is a Feyenoord player in heart and soul. We have to see if it fits in with the team’s balance sheet next year. He doesn’t get to play at Club Brugge, that’s not an ideal situation for every player. We need to look at how we can put that into practice. Whether the situation is suitable.

Do you ever expect Jordy Clasie to return to Feyenoord?

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