Emery points to arbitration:’ He should have whistled more balanced’.

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Emery points to arbitration:' He should have whistled more balanced'.

Unai Emery thought on Wednesday to take a good result from the Santiago Bernabéu, but by the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo it was still 3-1 for Real Madrid. For Paris Saint-Germain, it is the first time since April 2015, when Laurent Blanc was still in charge, that two Champions League matches were lost in succession. Emery was therefore quite disappointed.

That was the Spaniard not only in the result, but also in the performance of referee Gianluca Rocchi. Emery thought that the ball might have had to hit the dot after Sergio Ramos’s hand ball, at a 1-1 stand:”I was told that it was possible to have Ramos’ hands. I did not see it myself, but it was told me. It is up to the referee to make a judgement and if it is a penalty kick, then he must whistle for it “…”.

His penalty penalty is still under discussion, but it is quite clear….

I’m not trying to look for excuses, but we could have come back if the referee’s decisions hadn’t been taken in the opposite direction. I therefore have a double feeling. At 1-1 Real drew hope from a very questionable decision of the referee “, Emery referred to the obtained penalty kick:” We were good at the ball and had control, but a questionable decision gave Real the chance to come back “.

Real can hurt you with rapid failure. If we had played more carefully and the referee had been more balanced, we would have been able to play right or even win 1-2 as we were close to a goal in the seventieth minute. Real now stay the favorite. They are the owners and have won three of the last four editions. But: we have the qualities to turn this over,”says Emery.

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