Easy to portray me as an aggressive player, I’m not’ that’s what I am doing.

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Easy to portray me as an aggressive player, I'm not' that's what I am doing.

Marouane Fellaini has been an important pawn in the selection of Portuguese since José Mourinho descended to Old Trafford, and the trainer still hopes that the Red Devils will be able to extend the Belgian’s expiring contract. Fellaini is mainly used by his coach when Manchester United tries to get a physical preponderance, but the midfielder thinks he is mistakenly seen as a player who makes many offenses.

I think it’s easy for them to portray me as an aggressive player, but I’m not. I try to play my game, I try to conquer the ball as quickly as possible: that’s my job “, he explains in conversation with GQ Style:” I always try to get better, and do my best for the team and for the club. I always want to improve myself.

Fellaini is coming summer in all probability from the party at the World Cup in Russia and the midfielder has high expectations of the tournament with the Red Devils:”We hope to do better than at the past World Cup and EK. We have a great team and we have four years of extra experience. We are ready for it and want to do something special for Belgian fans.

Do you think Marouane Fellaini will be playing next season for Manchester United?

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