De Vrij’ wants to remain himself’:’ He has many offers from top clubs’.

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De Vrij' wants to remain himself':' He has many offers from top clubs'.

Stefan de Vrij has still not signed up to Lazio and so the rumours that the Dutch international Orange is still looking forward to a transfer. Several clubs such as Internazionale, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona and Manchester United would have the defender on the radar. However, Igli Tare expects that De Vrij, which is fixed until next summer, will still be signposted.

According to the latest reports, the Free would not be unwelcome to a longer stay at the Roman club and Tare confirms this:”We are on the right track and have to make a joint decision. I hope that his journey will continue with us. It is also something he wants himself, because he loves this place and this club. He has many offers from top-class clubs but his heart is from Lazio”.

“I hope he will stay”, continues the sporty director in conversation with TGCom,”It can be done tomorrow. It is not a question of’ when’, but of how a deal is concluded:” It is said that De Vrij is prepared to sign a new two-year contract, setting the escape clause at EUR 25 million.

Do you expect Stefan de Vrij to sign up?

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