Confession! Bolt’s New “Girl” Reveals Everything, Attacks Trolls

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Confession! Bolt’s New “Girl” Reveals Everything, Attacks Trolls

Bolt forgot about a few things after dominating Rio. He wanted a grand celebration and nothing could stop him. His current love interest stayed in Jamaica and Bolt broke her trust. This faithful lady never saw it coming, she is devastated.  Things unfolded very fast, two women were linked with Usain in a very short period. The athletes never made his relationship public, the secrecy raises many questions. Bolt wanted to surprise her by giving her a wedding proposal, things never turned out that way. Internet loves loyal people; Jady Duarte expected the angry messages. Bolt owns $30 million; women will love to be with him.

Confession! Bolt’s New “Girl” Reveals Everything, Attacks TrollsJady proved people wrong, by explaining the matter. Duarte never chased his money, he loved the person. Bolt never mentioned that he is committed, Judy believed him. He loves female company; Bolt scored some points in her bedroom. The photos shocked everyone, he was remorseless. In July, sexy Snapchat clips came out and Bolt really pampered Kasi. Her reaction became important, she never made direct remarks. Some fans wrote on her behalf, heartbroken Kasi supported that. Bolt got caught up in the moment, he never thought about the consequences. He missed his lady, but the frustration made him do something worse.

Confession! Bolt’s New “Girl” Reveals Everything, Attacks TrollsThe final decision is on Kasi’s hand; she can forgive him and take him back. Bolt will be pleased to get a second opportunity, but loyal girls never entertain cheaters. It will be tough for her to forget the remarkable moments; she has to do it for her own sake. Duarte greatly praised Bolt and this made Kasi even more jealous. She wanted to remove every trace of her love, it was meaningless. Bolt entered a pub and danced with some beautiful Brazilian girls. He earned this right, but Bennett was innocent. The affection will not become less, Bolt has to choose wisely.

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