Cold out of the air between KNVB and Makkelie:’ Weather whistling again’.

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Cold out of the air between KNVB and Makkelie:' Weather whistling again'.

Referee Danny Makkelie was questioned last month after it became known that he had taken out a loan from Jaap Uilenberg, his coach and also UEFA referee member. The KNVB announced that it had taken disciplinary action and immediately terminated the coaching relationship between Makkelie and Uilenberg. Because of the commotion that arose, the football association decided to take Makkelie off the cup between PSV and VVV-Venlo. The referee queried the proceedings and called the sanction that was imposed unjustified. Meanwhile, Makkelie and the union have been sitting around the table and the difference of opinion has been pronounced.

The KNVB carried out an investigation into whether there was an increase in interests, but that turned out not to be the case in the end. The coaching relationship between Makkelie and Uilenberg is not being cut off:”I am content that the KNVB’s follow-up research has emphatically revealed that there was no conflict of interest at all”, Makkelie comments in talks with Voetbal International,”I am also pleased to continue the collaboration with Jaap Uilenberg.

Makkelie was no longer used by the KNVB for competitions, but will pick up the thread again after the winter break,”This subject has been dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction. Once again, I can fully focus on what it’s all about: whistling,”concludes Makkelie.

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