Clubicoon indicates preference:’ I would choose him as successor to Wenger’.

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Clubicoon indicates preference:' I would choose him as successor to Wenger'.

Arsène Wenger is still under a magnifying glass at Arsenal, despite the fact that the club was able to turn the last two league matches against West Bromwich Albion (2-0) and Brighton & Hove Albion (2-0) into a profit.Ian Wright, former top peak of the Gunners, sees Sean Dyche by Burnley as the Frenchman’s ideal successor.

Many names have already been reviewed that Wenger could replace at Arsenal, including the recently dismissed Carlo Ancelotti and the clubless Thomas Tuchel at Bayern Munich.Wright, however, thinks Dyche is the dreamed candidate:”I believe that he has now reached the point where he has to leave in order to move on to the next level”, according to the Englishman at the BBC.

When asked whether he would choose Dyche as successor to Wenger at Arsenal, the former goalie was clear:”Yes.But the question is whether they dare to give him that job.Given the way in which he sets up his team and has it defended, he has clear insight into football.But will he ever get such a job?I do not think so, unfortunately,” Arsenal is currently fifth in the Premier League, with six points behind the leaders Manchester City and Manchester United.

Would you find Sean Dyche a good trainer for Arsenal?

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