Club icon Arsenal Arsenal bewildered:’ People laugh at us, look like a joke’.

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Club icon Arsenal Arsenal bewildered:' People laugh at us, look like a joke'.

Alex Iwobi was recently fined for celebrating in London 48 hours before the confrontation with Nottingham Forest. However, Arsène Wenger had the young man play against Forest and Chelsea, to the misunderstanding of Ian Wright. The former footballer at Sky Sports says that the French manager should have known better, especially in view of the club’s situation.

“In the current climate, a young player can’t do that at a club where experienced players want to leave and there are no leaders”, says the Englishman,”Wenger should have taken a better position in this matter. A stronger position. People laugh at us, they look like a joke with what is happening. Players simply don’t want to be at the club anymore. It feels like we are losing control.

“What should Theo (Walcott, ed.) not think of it? He sees that a young guest goes out less than 48 hours before a match and still has to play. And that you will be bypassed. You have to think about your own future at some point. I cannot imagine that this had happened under José Mourinho or under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United’.

When asked whether Mesut Özil, who will be out of his contract this summer, would perform better at the interested Manchester United than at Arsenal, Wright replied:”Yes, I think so. He is not a type of player who takes his team by the daring and drags it through. But when a team plays well, he starts playing soccer with eye-catching fun. With the players he was going to play with at United, he would be incredible. He’s great and with the right team and movement around him, he’s one of the best I’ve seen.

Do you expect Mesut Özil to leave this winter at Arsenal?

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