Classy anticipates transfer:’ In that case I definitely want to leave there’.

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Classy anticipates transfer:' In that case I definitely want to leave there'.

Jordy Clasie is still in the dark about his future. The midfielder is rented by Southampton this season to Club Brugge, but Marvelous Nakamba and Ruud Vormer are preferred over midfield. In principle, Clasie returns to Southampton this summer, but if his perspective is disappointing there too, he wants to get back to work somewhere else.

After this season, Clasie is in’ the same situation’ as last summer, he tells the West Flanders Newspaper his contract with Southampton will continue until mid-2020,”but in that respect it is time to wait. If I know that I have little prospect of playing opportunities in England, I definitely want to leave. I have to be on the field to feel happy.

Clasie, who recently flirted with a competition at Feyenoord, still has ambitions in Bruges. The seventeen times Orange-international goes for the double in Belgium,”I also want to get back into my rhythm and make as many minutes as possible. Last season I lost my football fun and I hope to find it here. I can see what is coming to me afterwards. I do not want to look much further in the future.

Do you think Jordy Clasie will ever return to Feyenoord?

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