Clasie spoiled gloss roll Vermeer:’ You can’t blame him for that’.

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Clasie spoiled gloss roll Vermeer:' You can't blame him for that'.

On Sunday afternoon, Kenneth Vermeer stopped a penalty kick in the match between Waasland-Beveren and Club Brugge. But because of Jordy Clasie’s own goal in injury time, finding an encounter ended in a 1-1 draw. The closing post played a significantly better match than last Thursday, when he blundered in the cup with Standard.

I didn’t have to prove myself to anyone after last Thursday. When I’m in the team, I just want to perform well and do my stinking best. It is ultimately the coach who makes the decision as to who is playing. I just feel good and have been well received by the group and the club “, says Vermeer on the website of Club Brugge. He turned a penalty kick from Isaac Thelin in the match against Waasland-Beveren.

For me personally, that stopped penalty kick was not so important to me, but it was important for the team “, continues the closing post, which was finally passed by team member Clasie. The midfielder wanted to get rid of the ball, but got it wrong:”I saw the ball go next to it and suddenly I saw Clasie moving towards the ball. That is just a natural reaction: he tries to get rid of that ball and you can hardly blame him for that. We should have already decided the match for it.

Afterwards I heard that the shot would have been half a metre apart, but of course I didn’t know that,”says Clasie about my own goal,” it makes this extra sour and I find it regrettable for myself, my teammates and everyone who carries this club in the heart. This is particularly urgent. You win with all of them and you lose with all of them, but I am still blaming myself for this loss of points.

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