Cech’s great gesture:”This is how a true gentleman should be”.

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Cech's great gesture:"This is how a true gentleman should be".

Ryan Mason is still recovering from a skull fracture that he suffered in the match against Chelsea in January.The midfielder of Hull City collided with Gary Cahill and Mason had to undergo an operation immediately after being helped with an oxygen mask on the field.In his rehabilitation process, Mason has experienced a great deal of support from Petr Cech, who knows the situation of the Englishman all too well.

Last January, Mason’s life was hung on a silk thread and eight months later, the midfielder in conversation with talkSPORT said that he has a lot to do with Cech, who collided with Stephen Hunt as a Chelsea goalkeeper in October 2006 and has been playing with protection ever since:”I can only praise Petr Cech.He has set the standard about how a real gentleman should be,”says Mason.

Immediately after the incident, he called my family and my fiancée and explained how everything would run and that everything would come right when I couldn’t talk, couldn’t meet light and more of those things.When I was working on it, I really wanted to see it because he said to me,”when you’re ready, I’ll come and talk to you.After eight or nine weeks he came by.He stepped into the room, sat down on the couch and said:’ sit quietly, don’t say anything, just listen’, and he spoke for an hour and a half.

I didn’t say anything and when he left again, my partner said:’ wow, the things we were worried about….’.His words reassure us.Since then we have had a lot of contact.He often comes by and we call regularly.He gave me so much strength, he really had a positive impact.I hope that no one will ever experience this anymore, but if that happens, I’ll be there for him just as Petr was there for me.

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