What Can The Golden State Warriors Expect for The Remainder of The Regular Season???

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The Golden State Warriors

This might be a million dollar question. Who can really take down the mighty mighty Warriors? Another thing everyone is wondering about is: are the Warriors going to break the Chicago Bulls 72- 10 record from the season 95-96?

The Golden state Warriors have played 58 games so far this season, and they own a record of 53 wins and „only“ 5 losses. They have already broken one record this season, becoming the fastest team in the NBA history to win 50 games.

The Golden State WarriorsWhen we take a look at their schedule for the remainder of the season, out of the remaining 24 games, they play only 7 away games and 17 games at home. Analyzing the 7 opponents that the Warriors are going to face on the road, two teams stand out that could take down the champions. San Antonio Spurs (50-9), who they play twice, and the Dallas Mavericks (30-29) are the teams that could „possible“ create some problems for the Warriors and maybe, and just maybe, take them down. In the other 4 games they face the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz and the Memphis Grizzlies. I just don’t see any of these last 4 teams beating the Warriors.

The Golden State WarriorsOn the other hand, the Warriors have 17 games remaining at their home court. Looking at the teams that they will host at the Oracle Arena, I can see couple of teams that will go for a win, especially because of the fact that they are battling for the play-off spots. The Warriors will host the Portland Trailblazers (twice), who are among the rare teams that have beaten the Warriors this season. Another team that has beaten the Warriors this season, and that is fighting for the play-off spot are the Dallas Mavericks. Other notable matchups where the Warriors are not going to have it easy and their way are the Atlanta Hawks (32-27) and the Los Angeles.

Summarizing the home and away games, I must admit that it is going to be a darn exciting finish of the regular season for the Warriors. As much as I love the Chicago Bulls team (from the Jordan and Pippen era), and as much as I hate to see the Warriors break the Bulls 72-10 record, I must admit that these Warriors team is more dominant, and if they stay healthy, I am sure that they will record at least 73 wins until the end of the regular season.


Words by: Admir Aljic

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