Cachoeira’ s’ combatable’ behaviour costs her cracked cruciate band, meniscus

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After UFC Fight Night 125, the battle between Valentina Shevchenko and Priscila Cachoeira is undoubtedly the most discussed. Cachoeira was without any chance against The Bullet and there is a lot of criticism about the performance of the referee Mario Yamasaki, but also on the corner of Cachoeira and the matchmakers of the UFC.

Cachoeira spent almost ten minutes before beating through a Shevchenko rear-naked choke. Before that she had to eat elbows and bumps on the ground for minutes. Although she didn’t seem to have been injured so badly after the fight, there is such serious damage.

The Brazilian has no injuries to her face, but her anterior cruciate band and meniscus are torn. This happened early in the first round, her manager, Tiago Okamura, tells MMA Fighting. Yet no moment was thought to stop.

We didn’t know how serious the injury was,”adds trainer Giliard Parana,” If we knew, I think we would have stopped the fight, but we only found out in the hospital. She had pain after the first change and told me between laps that she had injured her knee, but I said that she had to keep her mouth shut.

I wanted to stop thinking about it, but had no idea how serious it was. If I knew, I would have stopped it. We thought she could fight all three rounds. Pedrita knows no fear, she would never stop. The world has not seen the real hair fighting. They saw an injured girl against one of the best MMA fighters, Valentina Shevchenko. Maybe she would have lost if she were 100%, but the fight would have been better.

As I see it, I left Pedrita to be a warrior and fight,”Those who didn’t want to stop either were referees Mario Yamasaki. Despite the one-sided fight, he stopped only after Cachoeira knocked off, which was criticised by Dana White, among others. The referee tells MMAjunkie about his performance.

In the second round I signalled to Pedrita that if she didn’t move, I would stop it. Every time I stopped it, I gave her a signal and moved her to dodge blows. Unfortunately, I have no control over the number of blows that are being thrown,”says Yamasaki-san in a statement.

Again, if she is looking for a way out, she is in the race. Fighters go through periods of great effort and dedication to get there. MMA is a contact sport and no fighter wants to have interrupted the fight without an opportunity for a turnaround “.

As I see it, I let Pedrita be a warrior and fight. I could stop it in the second crucifix or mount, but she moved constantly. I recognise that I had to stop it at the first knocking off of the rear-naked choke and I did that a few seconds later. Other people have the right to express their opinion.

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