Buijs from next season trainer Groningen; Spijkerman Assistant

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Buijs from next season trainer Groningen; Spijkerman Assistant

Danny Buijs will be the new trainer of FC Groningen next season. He succeeds Ernest Faber, who has an expiring contract. Buijs signs for two years at the Pride of the North, according to the Eredivisionist announces Wednesday. Hennie Spijkerman, who previously worked at Ajax, became his assistant. He shall sign a one-year contract.

In the recent past Buijs was two seasons player of the Eredivisionist. Between 2004 and 2006 he came up to 77 official matches for the club, in which he scored 10 times. After his active career Buijs started his trainer career at Kozakken Boys in 2014. He is currently in second place with the team from Werkendam in the Second Division.

Current assistant trainer Peter Hoekstra and goalkeeper Bas Roorda will continue to be part of the technical staff next season. Groningen is looking at a later moment for the presentation of the new trainer duo. The story circulated that Buijs would be presented last Monday, but the commotion around Lars Veldwijk caused this to be postponed.

Buijs said earlier that he would like to get to work at Groningen:”Do I see it sitting? When you start talking it means that you see it, yes, otherwise you won’t talk either. Despite the fact that I have a great time at Cossacks Boys, it is only three training sessions a week. Of course it would be terribly nice if you can just stand on the field daily.

Good choice of FC Groningen?

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