Botteghin confused himself in the gallery:’ That was really painful to see’.

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Botteghin confused himself in the gallery:' That was really painful to see'.

Eric Botteghin had to watch for a long time this season because of a knee injury. The Brazilian defender recently entered Feyenoord’s team in the cup race against PSV, which won 2-0. Now that Botteghin is fit again, he wants to return as soon as possible to the basics of trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

After the winter break Van Bronckhorst played initially with Renato Tapia and Sven van Beek in the heart of the defense, while Jan-Arie van der Heijden was allowed to start the last two league races from the kick-off,”Van Beek did very well. As a top football player you want to play very much. I do understand the trainer’s choice. I am not happy of course, everyone wants to play. I have to accept it and keep going,”says Botteghin talking to RTV Rijnmond.

It’s also difficult to wait, but you have to be patient and wait for an opportunity,”continues the defender, whose world collapsed when he heard he was going to be injured for a long time,” Yes, I was doing well after a great season. Then I also want to participate in the Champions League and that was really painful to see. In the gallery you can do nothing and make no contribution. That is even more painful to see. On the field you can at least do something else.

Without Botteghin, Feyenoord has had a particularly moderate season so far. The Rotterdammers have already lost twelve points and are in fourth place with 22 points behind the leader PSV,”This is a very bad season for us. I have no answer as to how this can be done. After a nice year, this is really very annoying. No one at the club is happy, but we have to go on. We still have the cup and I believe in the third place.

Do you think Eric Botteghin should get a chance in the basics at Feyenoord soon?

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