Bolt’s Love! Athlete Has A Special Surprise, Girls Unhappy

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Bolt’s Love! Athlete Has A Special Surprise, Girls Unhappy

We think this is gossip because TMZ got his special interview. When Bolt gets on the track, he just looks at the finishing point. The cheers are inaudible and a vacuum is created inside his mind. The man won medals after medals, but someone inspires him from behind. His aggression is limitless, but one lady has won him. Jamaica is proud to have this guy; he has single-handedly fulfilled the country’s dream. Whenever the scorecard shows his position, the number “1” is written. His girl is totally impressed with that and Bolt made him “First Lady”. This special name is making her blush; her man gives her ample reasons to feel special.

Bolt hunted for some time but in January, he changed his status. The bonding slowly became strong and now it is steady. Kasi Bennett has everything to be his main woman. This ‘fashionista’ directly challenged Kim Kardashian, her figure is extremely attractive.  At 26, she has planned the future and she got 24 months to know Bolt. Usain shared his vulnerable moments with Kasi and she never criticized him. As per Daily Mail, there were moments when doubts were slowly making their way in, Bennett made him stronger. The world is praising Bolt; Kasi’s reaction is a bit different. She is immensely happy, but her heart is feeling tremendously proud.

Relationship issues are private for him, he always keeps it low-key. In April, they locked lips in public and cameras rushed to them.  After the tough races, he celebrates in grand style; Bennett never forgets to send wishes. Kasi has cute pet names for Bolt and Twitter is getting surprised each day. This legend will not retire easily, the record books will keep on recording his accomplishments. She constantly cheered Bolt and her dresses were equally good. The love Bolt is getting from this person is unthinkable; everything else is falling into place.

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