Black Clouds Are All Over Philly As The 2016 Top Pick Ben Simmons Could Miss The Entire 2016 NBA Season!!!

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Just as the entire Philadelphia 76ers fan base and community hoped to see their favorite team rise above the skies and finally end the playoffs drought, bad luck once again knocked on the 76ers door.

During his pro debut against the Boston Celtics on Monday, the 76ers Top pick at the 2016 NBA draft, Ben Simmons has suffered a broken foot and had to leave the game. According to the news reports, Ben Simmons injury could end up being more serious than first reported. Namely, the rookie is expected to undergo a surgery for his fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone in his right ankle.

Although many believe that he could miss several months of actions, expecting him to be back as soon as December, the latest news are not looking to promising. Rich Paul, the agent of Ben Simmons, believes that the best thing for his client and the 76ers organization is to slow down the recovery process and let him sit out the entire season.

For some, this opinion of Paul was not well received, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Despite the fact that everyone in Philly is eager to see the Aussie phenome display his extraordinary potential, bringing him back on the court before he fully recovers, might turn out bad for the organization. We all know what happened to Gregg Oden and number of other top picks, who suffered tough injuries and were put back into action without having fully recovered, only to see suffer more injuries and their careers not develop as predicted.

Black Clouds Are All Over Philly As The 2016 Top Pick Ben Simmons Could Miss The Entire 2016 NBA Season!!!

This is exactly what Rich Paul is indicating at, and it is something that the 76ers seem to be seriously considering. Simmons is very young (20 years old) and he has the qualities to become a franchise player (some are even comparing him to LeBron James), but if he fails to fully recover from such injuries, he might never reach those expectations. On the other side, the 76ers are still going through a rebuilding process and considering the fact that they are stacked up with big men (Dario Saric, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel) they still have more than enough options to fill out the paint, and could allow themselves to lose some games. In addition, this way, Simmons would not have to take the pressure of winning games, should he return earlier than expected.

The Philadelphia 76ers have truly been cursed, after Nerlens Noel was forced to sit out for a entire year, and especially since they are still awaiting to see their 2014 pick Joel Embiid playing in a regular season game. Now, if it turns out that Ben Simmons has to sit out for the entire season, than something weird is definitely going on in Philly.

We can only hope that the injury is not serious as the first reports are stating, and that Simmons will be on the court before the end of 2016, so we can enjoy the huge potential that this kid definitely possesses.

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