Attorney-at-law tipt KNVB:’ Put these two together and you are actually ready’.

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Attorney-at-law tipt KNVB:' Put these two together and you are actually ready'.

Dick Ad Advocate will probably be the last to stand against Romania on Tuesday evening along the line at Orange. His contract expires next month and everything indicates that he is ahead of the Dutch team. Whether he continues as a trainer or not, Advocate General does not know yet. And the KNVB does not have to look very far for his follow-up.

Upon arrival in Scotland, Attorney-at-law told Scottish journalists that they would be their last two inter-country federal coach of Orange. Shortly afterwards, he did not want to repeat those words to the Dutch media. After the match against Romania, Attorney-at-law is expected to announce his departure. What he is going to do next is still a big question mark for him:”Indeed, I have talked so many times about my very last job, my roads are unfathomable,” says Ad Advocate in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad.

There is a moment when it stops, that’s clear. But there will be a call again, that has always happened. Ah, football has brought me everything “, continues the national coach,” Maybe something fun will come along, I don’t rule it out. Otherwise it has been beautiful. Dick Ad Advocate from The Hague then saw the whole world. Three times at the helm at the Dutch team, it’s not a matter of nothing. No, my career has not passed by silently in any case “.

Advocate Lawyer finished the World Cup qualification campaign with Ruud Gullit as assistant,”In the Netherlands, we are very quickly ready with criticism. If I was the KNVB, I would always keep him with the Dutch national team. He is a great signboard, all doors open for Ruud. Also applies to Ronald Koeman by the way. Put these two together and you are actually ready.

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