Arsenal must let it be known that they want Conte next season to have’ Arsenal’.

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Arsenal must let it be known that they want Conte next season to have' Arsenal'.

Antonio Conte seems to be working on his last season at Chelsea and when he leaves London, Arsenal must try to enlist him and say goodbye to Arsène Wenger, according to former footballer Paul Merson. Wenger extended last summer for two years at the Gunners, but Merson thinks that behind the scenes a departure of the Frenchman is being worked on.

If I were Arsenal, I would be hanging on the phone at Chelsea on the day Conte leaves. Managers like Conte don’t often get free “, says Merson against The Debate,” Arsenal needs someone to get something moving with people. Conte can cause overturning. He lets your team play in a certain way and makes sure that nothing gets through it at the back. As soon as Arsenal has a strong rearguard, it is a strong team. Arsenal must let us know that they want him next season. They would be crazy if they did not do that.

Merson believes that it’s time for change at Arsenal and that the club should appoint a big name,”Arsenal shouldn’t just keep grabbing these managers over and over again. You cannot delight me that Pep Guardiola Arsenal would not have liked to have trained. If he had been given the chance, he would have gone to Arsenal. Jürgen Klopp and José Mourinho went to the rivals of Arsenal because Wenger was still there “.

According to Merson, Wenger leaves after this season. Attracting Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was for him the sign that Wenger loses control of the club,”I don’t think this looks like a purchase of Arsène Wenger. When did he buy a 29 year old player for 65 million euros that cannot be sold? Never before. Sir Alex Ferguson did it a few years ago. He said he wanted to become champion and then he made Robin van Persie, who with his goals made sure they ended up above Manchester City. He was not resold. He came to become champion and then finished off.

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