Arbitrators tip De Telegraaf:’ Internally, they can’t say anything about it’.

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Arbitrators tip De Telegraaf:' Internally, they can't say anything about it'.

Danny Makkelie has been disciplined by the KNVB for having previously concluded a loan of tens of thousands of euros with Jaap Uilenberg, his coach and UEFA referee member. De Telegraaf received several tips from referees about this loan, after Makkelie sent an app to Hans Kraay jr last Friday during a broadcast. to point out an arbitral error to the analyst. The referee serving at the NEC duel was Pol van Boekel.

Former referee Dick Jol doesn’t understand why the 34-year-old Makkelie decided to join Kraay jr. To point out the fault of Van Boekel:”You don’t do that? You don’t have to sniff off a colleague while you are still active as a referee,”he says in an interview with Metro. The fact that a number of arbitrators now target Makkelie is also sufficient, according to the 61-year-old Jol.

Everyone can see that Makkelie has suddenly become more important in the last eighteen months, while Bas Nijhuis has been beaten down and Serdar Gözübübüyük has also flown by. As a trainer, you can’t be the son of the president, when he’s no better than the other players? The referees see that in this case, too, so they stand up as whistleblowers,”Jol says.

If they say something about this internally at the KNVB, they have a problem. Makkelie would lead the cup between PSV and VVV-Venlo on Wednesday evening, but the KNVB removed it because of the commotion that had arisen. By the way, Makkelie himself said that he understood nothing of the punishment:”Ht was a short-term loan that has now been repaid. I really wonder: what is the problem? I have absolutely not seen the seriousness shown. The sanction imposed on me by the KNVB for this bridging is, in my opinion, unjustified.

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