Allegri bites off fiercely after 2-2 against Totham:”You have no idea”.

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Allegri bites off fiercely after 2-2 against Totham:"You have no idea".

Tuesday evening Juventus had to settle for a draw against Tottenham Hotspur (2-2), in the first duel of the eighth finals of the Champions League. The team of Massimiliano Allegri gave a 2-0 lead and afterwards the journalists were too critical from the point of view of the rehearser,”Juventus was never the favourite in the run-up to this meeting. We had a 50% chance, and we still have a 50% chance of doing so today’, says Allegri.

Over the past three seasons, Juventus has twice reached the European tournament finals, in which both Barcelona and Real Madrid were too big for la Vecchia Signora,”Winning the Champions League is a dream, it’s our goal, but it’s definitely not easy. You have no idea. Juventus plays to win the Champions League, but we are not a favourite. Each season we want to make the finals, we do our best and players have to be proud of their improvements.

“You shouldn’t expect us to win 3-0 tonight”, Allegri emphasized,”That’s not obvious. I am crazy about it. You have no idea how good other teams are and what kind of players they have. Juventus’ priority is to win the seventh title in a row and we are about to play in Coppa Italia. We’re going to try to win the Champions League, but I don’t accept that you think we are depressed right after this tie.

“There are always ups and downs. We are talking about a draw against Tottenham Hotspur. It is not a heavy defeat, we have not lost with 8-0, we have not even lost”, Allegri sighed at the press conference,”You have to realise that winning is not normal, it is extraordinary. This team has won six country titles and has been in the Champions League finals twice. In the Champions League the line between winning and not winning is wafer-thin.

“Juventus and Tottenham have the ambition to win the Champions League, but are among clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Indeed, I would add Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City to that list. It will only become more difficult next season. The two best teams make the final and Juventus has had two extraordinary seasons,” Juventus has a point in the A Series less than Napoli and at the end of this month plays the second half-final of Coppa Italia against Atalanta. In Bergamo already won with 0-1.

Do you think Juventus is able to reach the final again?

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