ADO receives pay for work and keeps three points in house

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ADO receives pay for work and keeps three points in house

On Saturday, ADO Den Haag was able to take full advantage of the defeat that Vitesse suffered against Excelsior earlier in the evening. For a long time it looked like the Hagenaren, despite a series of good chances, wouldn’t be more than a draw against William II, but a rake penalty by Abdenasser El Khayati still caused the 2-1 in the injury time. ADO approaches number seven Vitesse to two points, while the Tilburg opponent stays at the fourteenth position.

ADO showed his offensive intentions from the first whistle signal and already in the second minute of the match it became dangerous via Abdenasser El Khayati, who saw Mattijs Branderhorst barely rescue on a free kick. The pressure on William II continued in the following phase and Branderhorst had to save again on a long distance shot from El Khayati, while he saw an attempt by Lex Immers flying just past his goal.

After Branderhorst also had an answer to a new attempt by After all, the storm of the home team lying down for a moment and William II took five more minutes to go in the first half even brutally the lead. The Thomas Meißner, who had been hired by ADO’s Tilburgers, found Fran Sol with a hard crossover, after which he was able to tap into the rush hour. After the rest the Hagenaars continued on the same footing and it wasn’t long before Branderhorst had to return to the tank. The goalkeeper was soon tested by El Khayati, as in the first half of the year, but again had an answer to a distance shot.

In the early second half of the year Johnsen too was dangerous with a header ball that just disappeared along the wrong side of the pole. However, the tree-long spire was happier with another twenty minutes to go and could have a cross of El Khayati inside heads for the 1-1. In the absolute final stage, the American Norwegian was even close to the winner, but he just couldn’t put his foot against a cross by Wilfried Kanon. However, thanks to El Khayati, ADO was still able to rejoice: after an offence, the midfielder put himself behind a penalty and got in control.

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